Web Site Reflection

The reason i made a shoe website was because i like shoes. I like to collect rare shoes and have seen many rare shoe site but they only show information or have too many shoes on there. So i decided to make a website that only has rare shoes and not other shoes. It also has all types of brands not just one brand. How I made the design for the website like the colors was I looked at other shoes websites. Like Nike and Adidas and i saw that almost every page either has a white or black background white or black text and the whole website is all black and white. So I took the simple design and made it black and white but added some extra colors like gold and blue.  How I started my page was that i took the template from the last project on the biography. From that template I added new colors added a new logo and made changes to the separate pages. I added some pages and the overall look of the site. I faced many problems one was how to get the boxes on the page so I can put my shoes insi…

bio blog post

how i got started ws i took the base of the website from all the lesson we did before and i edited it and made itin to a different looking page. I added a new background and added pictures changed the words changed the colors and logos and basically took the outline of my lesson page and put new information and customized it. The problems i had were having the background not show up or have my logo or pictures not showing up. I resolved this by looking at the page source and see if the picture name matched up and sometimes it did and sometimes it didn't. Other times i forgot to put it in to x10 causing them not to show up. Other problems were with the text and having the quotes showing up different. I think the best art of the project was the over all page and how it looked like how the background tiles were realty matched up  with the page no over lapse of half of a images and the way the text was set up the main content in the middle and some extra info on the sides and a pictur…

Leading lines

I chose these types of pictures because i like cars so i thought i would do leading lines on cars and they do have them like the Lexus picture there are many lines leading to the symbol this is leading to the main focus which is the symbol and that's what it is trying to do that's what the company wanted lines leading to the focus point for a better design.The picture of the wheel is leading lines o the symbol of their car in the middle there are many lines that are leading to the symbol Honda in the middle of the rim trying to put your eyes to what car it is and showing you to follow the lines and it will reach to the focus point the symbol, of the car.the last picture is two sticks that are leading to the shoes the main focus is the shoes but there are sticks on the side that leading to the shoes which is the point of view that i am trying to show the shoes so i put sticks there to lead the viewer's eyes direct to the shoes. I thought that this picture came out great and…

rule of thirds

I used the rule of thirds by choosing a focus point and choosing to take the picture on one of the thirds of the screen. I took the Lexus symbol and chose to put the picture in the left of the screen and put the back round on the right but have the main focus and close up the Lexus symbol. the other example is the kickstart can i chose the right side and put the can there and have the back round on the left and have all the focus on the can and have the back round blurred out but still have it there. I think the images came out great and i thought it made the image a lot more interesting using the rules of thirds then just focusing on what you want.

point of view

i chose these images because i like cars so i took it to a away were you can see the whole car or you can only see part of the car like one of the car pics i took was of the whole car with doors open and he whole background to show the whole car But for the other picture of the orange car i took only what i wanted to show that it was a Lamborghini and what its engine looked like not tying to show the whole car. the white car i only wanted to show one side of the car mainly showing the golden wheels and how the car was lowered than normal not showing the whole car but only focusing on part of the car

lesson 6